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Evidences gathered from
The Cooper Homestead Investigation
January 12, 2009


#1 - (.23 sec. mark)
 In this clip you'll hear "All Right" It was captured on
3 different cameras an two voice recorders...

The problem is there were three investigators in the house
at that time, and none of us heard it until we reviewed the
evidence a couple days later.


#2 - (3:07 Mark)
This is a 1 second blip that I can't explain, This camera
has never did this before...


#3 - (5:01 Mark)
This is  footage of a battery operated candle that proved to be
very entertaining though out the investigation...

*** In a second visit we recorded a 10 to 15 min. conversation
using this same candle. Video to be posted soon !!! ***




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