Central and Southern Colorado Ghost Hunters
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The Booth Brothers Christopher & Philip on the haunted set
of their latest, creepy, new horror film about an
extremely haunted camera.

" Dead Still "
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Halloween 2014

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Awesome and creepy things are currently in the works for 2014 and will prove to be even more creepy fun than 2013.
 For those of  you who joined us in supporting local business and non profit organizations we "Thank You"... For the ones who will join us on for the 1st time on one or all of this years events we "Welcome you "...

CLICK HERE: for the summer events and make sure you get in on the fun !!!

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Central and Southern Colorado Ghost Hunters

C l i c k   T o p i c s   B e l o w

Central and Southern Colorado Ghost Hunters
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What Is A Ghost Box
or Spirit Box?
Definitions & Terms Signs Your Home
May Be Haunted
Conducting An
Ghost Hunting
on a Budget
Do Ghost Speak
EVPs Help To Hear Them
EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon How to do Historical
and Paranormal Research
Starting A Paranormal
Is My Home Haunted
When To
Call The Pro's
Finding The Owner of a Haunted Location Know if a Location
is Haunted
Using White Noise
 While Investigating
Tools and Equipment Finding Spooky
Places Near Home
How To Do
Historical Paranormal Research
EVP Electronic
Voice Phenomenon
Become A Pro
Ghost Hunter
The Basic
Pre Investigation
Paranormal Books Ghost Hunters in
Your Area
What Are Ghost ? Do Ghost Talk ?
Paranormal Activity
Close To Home
of Hauntings
Tools And Resources Ghost Hunters
Begin The Research When To Research God And The Occult Are Ghost Real
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Central and Southern Colorado Ghost Hunters

I n v e s t i g a t i o n s

Central and Southern Colorado Ghost Hunters
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Bird Cage Theatre
Tombstone AZ
Rawlins Territorial
Prison . WY
The Abbey
Canon City, CO
Rippavilla Plantation
Springhill TN.
Hospitality House
Cripple Creek, CO
Colorado Prison Museum
Canon City, CO
Stanley Hotel
Estes Park CO
Pueblo Firefighters Museum
St. Nicholas Hotel
Cripple Creek, CO
Iron Springs Chateau
Carnton Plantation
Franklin, TN
Woodpecker Hill Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Canon City, CO
Rio Grande Hotel
Canon City, CO
St. Cloud Hotel Last Dollar Inn
Cripple Creek, CO
The Saw Mill
Howard, CO
Broken Arrow Café Cooper Homestead Salida D&GR Hospital
Cotopaxi Cemetery Cutty's Hayden
Creek Resort
Cripple Creek Jail Cotopaxi Copper Mine
Howard Cemetery Manitou Springs Fine Arts Manitou Springs Historic Museum Beckwith Ranch

Westcliffe, CO

Silver Cliff Cemetery Currents
Steak & Seafood
Copper Homestead Revisited Ghost Town Museum
Colo Sprgs, CO
Tenderfoot Tavern Haunted Sangre
De Cristo Cabin
Manitou Springs
Skating Rink
Cleoria Cemetery
Salida, CO
  Many locations whom We Have Been ask
not to reveal...



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