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Here's How To Find A Paranormal Investigator
And Request Consultation Or An Investigation


Be assured we respect your privacy and any information collected will not be shared
with anyone other than the Paranormal Team we assign to your case.


Here's How The Hotline Works...

Below you will provided us with some general contact information as well as a few details as to why you are seeking help.

Within 48 hours or less someone from Paranormal Hotline will contact you either by email or by phone if you choose to conduct a brief interview.

This interview will determine if you only wish consultation to discuss your possible paranormal occurrences or if you would desire a full investigation.

After the interview, Paranormal Hotline will scan their database and locate a professional, reputable, and highly qualified team in your area and pass on your contact information.

The Paranormal Investigative team chosen by Paranormal Hotline will then have their Case Manager contact you generally in 72 hours or less. You will again go though another interview process were you'll be able to discuss your options and set-up face to face interviews or subsequent investigation with the Case Manager directly.

At anytime you are welcome to contact the Hotline with any question, comments or concerns...We are here for you !!!

Upon completion of investigation we will ask for your help to track our teams performance. We will ask you to rate the Paranormal Investigation team base on your experience by answering 10 multiple choice questions.

And that's it, that's all that's needed to help you find answers to your question and hopefully bring you peace of mind.

Now if your ready and wish to continue you'll find the application below simply fill in the blanks click submit and help will be on it's way..

Find Paranormal Investigators

Click Here To Request HELP !

Find Paranormal Investigators

Any service provided to you is FREE OF CHARGE !!!

All consultation or subsequent investigations are 100 % FREE to anyone whom request, and receives our service's.

Our "All Volunteer" team members are well trained and will systematically investigate and research and  then attempt to " without a doubt" either prove or disprove any reports of paranormal activity.

All information regarding your investigation is keep confidential, names and locations will not be disclosed without written consent of participants.

Paranormal Hot Line teams practices professional and reliable services and are dedicated to serving the community.

All information regarding your investigation is keep private and confidential, names and locations will not be disclosed without written consent of participants. We are dedicate to upholding a professional level of courtesy.

How do we fund our research?

All of our equipment, travel and website expenses are privately funded by our individual teams and it's members. To help offset costs, many sell merchandise from their individual online shop located on their web sites as well as conducting a variety of community related fundraisers. Some offer DVD's of past investigations to also help offset expenses.

Investigating is expensive as you can imagine, the cost of equipment, travel expenses such as food and gas and in some case's lodging not to mention all the time spent training, investigating and reviewing evidents can be substantial. While our teams  WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEY ... Donations are always welcome !  :  )

Public donations to help fund our research are welcomed and appreciated !!!

Find Paranormal Investigators

Click Here To Request HELP !

Find Paranormal Investigators

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