How to record evps and hear ghost speak
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EVP or electronic voice phenomenon
( part 2 )

talking to ghost   EVP: Part Deux

or electronic voice phenomenon,

Has been attempted since at least the turn of the century in one form or another. In 1848, the Fox sisters probably attempted the earliest form of spirit communication called spirit rapping.

Over the years, EVP has become more sophisticated and in tune with the times. It began with dual-reel
tape recorders that were very big and very bulky.

Scientists and other interested persons would attempt experiments with these items but really didn't get the results they wanted. Over the years, manufacturers have updated, improved and condensed the tape recorders they make only to provide excellent results when used under controlled conditions.

Ghost hunters began experimenting with these recorders and discovered a whole new world
that had opened up with their use. In an attempt to share their evidence, they were met with resistance from the scientific community. There was no way to prove their evidence and how
they obtained it.

Over the course of time, attempting to obtain EVP has become much easier and at the same time, costlier. There are still the tape recorders running the microcassettes or standard tapes.

These work well and can work better with any microphone attached to it. The microphone will eliminate the "motor" sounds obtained caused by the gears rotating and an internal microphone.

Although some swear by certain microphones, any one will do. If you can afford the higher end microphones, get one of those. I always find simpler is better.

These days you can also find the digital recorders. There are those people that swear these work better than tape recorders. Although you will get a better sound quality with a digital and have the ability to download it to your computer, the digital recorder can work just as well as a tape recorder.

My suggestion would be not to spend any more than you have on a recorder. You don't need to go into debt for a recorder. Any recorder used under the right circumstances will give you results. So, what are the right circumstances?

The right circumstances...

Would be a house that is reputed to be haunted. It's better to not have to go looking for spirits. To know that they are already there helps a great deal.

To have the right equipment would help. Make sure you have enough batteries, tapes for the recorder or a microphone is necessary.

If it's a digital recorder, knowing how to use it is a must. Although this sounds like a would be surprised at the number of people buying these recorders and then not knowing how to use them or not being able to understand the directions.

Another suggestion would be to meditate. Meditation helps to clear the mind while opening up the mind to the elements at the same time. I must confess that I don't think I meditate well but I have been told again and again that as long as I keep trying, I am on the right track. It is important that you continue to try.
Find a spot that you think will work and get comfortable. You can begin by asking simple answer questions. Don't expect long, drawn out explanations. You will be lucky to get simple answers.

Just keep asking questions that are respectful, show courtesy and are informative. Don't ask questions that are too difficult to answer. Remember, these are people and may only be able to answer using one word.

These simple rules will enable just about any one to obtain EVP. The point to remember is to keep trying. Eventually you will succeed. The dead do want to talk with you.

You need to be patient to receive the message. Also, too, the dead may come to you in dreams with messages...but that's another article.

Good luck!!



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Gloria Young,

has been a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator for over 10 years. She has dedicated her life to researching paranormal activity. She has written, "Faces of a Ghost Hunter" as well as three other books.

She founded the paranormal research group,
"Ghost Trackers". She has co-produced two documentaries on ghost hunting. (

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