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Find Ghost Activity Near Your Own Home
Where to find ghost   Finding Ghost Activity Near
Your Own Home…

BY: Dennis Batchelor / Founder  MVPs (Mountain Valley Paranormal Society)

I have been a ghost hunter for nearly 35+ years and still learn something new every day. With so many Paranormal and Ghost related programs on TV now, it seems Ghost Hunting is becoming one of Americas favorite pastime hobbies.

I come in contact with many folks daily who know I'm a paranormal investigator, and I'd estimate that 8 outta 10 who are interested in Ghost Hunting themselves ask the same question... "Where do I find places to hunt ghost near my home"?

So being it's the number one question I hear the most I thought we would begin here.

A quick easy place to begin is of course the Internet. Google the keywords Ghost or Haunted, followed by your city, town and state...And see what pops up.

I found it's best to type in something like this: ghost "Howard, Colorado" place Howard Colorado in quotes.
( Howard is where live )

By doing so it helps to keep the search specific to your area. If Ghost doesn't get big results try Haunted "Howard, Colorado. Depending on where you live you'll find months worth of haunted locations near by.

If you live in a rural area like Howard you may want to do something a little different like Ghost "your county, state" and see what comes up.

Public libraries: Most public libraries have a section about the paranormal. Also look among books describing your local area. Libraries usually have a section specifically about their town or city, and the region in general. While "ghost" books can be unreliable, they are a good place to start.

Ask people, This is by far the best source You may be surprised at how many believe in ghosts, or at least know a few places with tells of ghost and haunted histories. Most always, college, high-school and middle school students know rumors about all the local haunted places.

Local newspapers Check the back issues. Most newspapers feature haunted sites in their issues the week before Halloween.

Ask the police, You may be surprised that the police are often the best resource for information about hauntings.

While most tend to be skeptics, the police occasionally receive complaints about odd activity--noises, weird lights, and so on, often at the same and many cases vacant locations -- but have no
reasonable explanations.

Cemeteries are usually mildly haunted. Older cemeteries--from the 19th century and earlier--are more likely
to have ghosts. Explore the oldest sections of cemeteries for the best results.

However, many cemeteries are closed between dusk and dawn. Be sure to observe local laws whenever you go ghost hunting.

I had fair success getting permission from the grounds keeper to have access after dark by simply asking permission and having them sign a pre-made permission request.

Abandoned building sites are often haunted. People don't usually walk away from a perfectly good house or building unless there is something significantly wrong with it. What's wrong may be a ghost.

Be sure you have permission before entering the building or you may spend the night jail for trespassing.

Theaters, the kind that have a stage the people have performed on--are almost always haunted. Usually, these are fun ghosts. Look for ghosts around the stage, in the audience, backstage, and just outside the doors to the seating areas.

Most colleges and some schools usually have at least one poltergeist. However, you'll probably have to ask the students for help in finding them. An EMF meter can be especially useful for locating poltergeist activity.

A word to the new investigator...

Avoid investigating private homes when you are new to ghost hunting. In addition to issues of safety and the law, people who are troubled by ghosts--or boast about having them around--have expectations that more than likely, you will not be able to meet.

Now you should have enough ideas to get your ghost hunting started and where to begin looking for some good local haunts. Also never discount your gut instinct. If a location looks haunted, it might be a good place to investigate.

Ghost hunting can be a fun hobby, and even more exciting than TV shows about hauntings. Almost every community has a ghost or two.

Use common sense and observe local laws, and you may return home with ghost stories to impress friends and family.

Happy Hauntings !!!

Where to find ghost near my home

Near My Home... Circa 1940's D.&R.G. Hospital - Salida Colorado
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Where to find ghost near my home

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Where to find ghost

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Ghost Activity Near Your Own Home

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