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Ghost Hunting On A Budget

Without all the hype, Here's what your really need to start Ghost Busting !!!

Ghost Hunting On A Budget.
Alls you really need is...

By: Dennis Batchelor / Founder MVPs

Just because you don't have high dollar ghost hunting equipment doesn't mean you can't do an effective paranormal investigation. A lot of people make that assumption when they first  think of going on a ghost hunt.

As you sit watching your favorite ghost hunting or paranormal related program on TV you see them using a variety of expensive and advanced high tech equipment.

As you watch it creates the illusion that the only way you can capture any kind of manifestation would be to own or have available these advanced techno tools...

This is a myth and simply not true, don't let the lack of the high tech toys be the one reason that holds you back from trying something you may enjoy. On the flip side, what if you invested 100's or 1000's into it and found out it wasn't your cup of tea.

In the 60's and 70's many paranormal researchers like Ed and Lauren Warren, had great success recorded hours upon hour of some very  unexplainable, interesting and at times horrifying events involving the paranormal, using the simplest of, of what would be considered now ...thanks to Hollywood low tech devices.

Here's my point...

95% of all successful ghost hunts boil down to one main factor, " Being in the right place at the right time". In order to capture that "Great" photo or record that  fantastic EVP you have to find yourself in a specific location at an exact moment, as we all know Ghost don't appear on command.

There are no magical tools or electronic devices that can  "make things happen" during an investigation. The only way to get the great photo or EVP is to be persistent in your quest and
"hunt things down".

So let's get back to basic's and discuss what you really need verses what you have been lead to believe you have to have. The following list is very short and I think you'll be very surprised how easy it is to get started.

  1. (1)
    A disposable Camera with flash - around $10 bucks or less
  2. (2) An Analog Recorder (mini cassette or regular) - $25 to $30 bucks
  3. (3) A flashlight - with batteries - under $5 bucks
  4. (4) EMF detector. Not needed right away but runs about $40 up.

    That's basically it...
Q. Why film rather than a digital camera ?

A. Film is very hard to manipulate and makes for more concrete undisputable evidence, where as digital can easily be manipulated using programs such as Photoshop.

If you own a " Film Camera " use it,  if all you have is a digital camera and you doing it for fun...use it, but do it with integrity and don't add, subtract or manipulate the actual photo in anyway.

Q. Why use an Analog or cassette recorder?

A. For the same reasons you want to use film rather than digital cameras. Cassettes or any taping device can easily detect if some one has tried to manipulate the recording, where again dropping in additional sound effects after the fact is easy to do using a digital device.

Again, if all you have is digital recorder then use it and have fun. I have even used an MP3 player to record with and had very good luck, but I highly recommend that at sometime if you wish be taken seriously you need to purchase a device capable of making analog recordings.

Flash lights are cheap and more than likely you already own one but later down the road you may want to upgrade to a GOOD L.E.D. hand held version. They run around $7 buck up but withstand being dropped and last for 1000's of hours on a single bulb.

I wear a L.E.D. headset made by Coleman, It has 3 White L.E.D. lights and with the flick of a switch can go to Red for night vision. You can snag one for yourself in the sporting goods dept. at Wal-Mart for around $15 bucks.

And last but not least a descent  EMF detector will help detect any electro magnetic fluctuations or disturbances in a given area. The disturbances don't necessarily have to be paranormal. EMF or  Electro Magnetic Field can be found any where that has electric wiring or requires electricity to operate.

High EMF can cause a variety of effects, things like nausea, headaches, skin irritations and rashes. Often when placed in confined areas people report mood swings, feelings of being watched and overall uneasiness.

Using a good  EMF detector can help to find "probable causes" of many paranormal events and could enable you to give an alternative scientific explanation other than something paranormal.

On the other hand should something paranormal try to manifest itself the EMF detector will tell you if an areas magnetic field is, or has changed thus making you aware of the possibility of paranormal activity.

There are hundreds of EMF detectors available starting from as low as $20 bucks and upward to well over $700. My suggestion would be, Not to purchase a cheap $20 model  as you typically  get what you pay for.

Stick to what you can afford the $ 50.00 range work great and for the most part will be all you'll ever need.

I own 2, Both (at the time I purchased them) were under $70 dollars one has an alarm and a meter type gauge the other is digital and gives more precise measurements. I have yet to need anything more than what either of these two devises provide and feel spending any more money than what these cost is only a waste of your hard earned money.

Look to the right and you can see a variety of EMF detectors I would purchase and would recommend you use. The 5 listed are priced from $30 to around $80 bucks at the time I wrote this article.

Check them all out and see which suits your budget best...and buy one. I have watched the price on all of them raise 3 times in less than a year, they aren't any cheaper than you'll find here.

Check back in at the home page as I will be adding more information on how to conduct a successful ghost hunt without breaking the bank.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.....



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The Ghost Meter
  • 50 & 60 Hz operation
    Flashing red light and audible alarm when it gets a reading
  • 1 - 5  milliGauss ranges
  • Operates for months on
    a single 9V battery

    ( lowest priced )

    CELLSENSORô Gaussmeter
    Remote probe with 2 foot extension cord allows user great flexibility and reach. Both RF and gaussmeter provide audio sound and large flashing light which corresponds to field strength

    ( $ 40.00 +/- )

    Gauss Master EMF Meter
  • Easy-to-read analog needle type gauge. Emits a dramatic sound for clear demonstration of the presence of fields also makes locating the source of a magnetic field much easier.
  • Uses one standard 9V battery
  • Auto-shut off to conserve battery life

    ( $ 40.00 +/- )
    The EMF Hunter
    Detect EMF Low Frequency and High Frequency, numerical bar display, visual and audible alarm

  • 50 Hz to 5.5 GHz.
    Audible alarm
  • Uses a single 9V battery

    ( $ 50.00 +/- )


    This is the same
    EMF meter used by


     on the
     Ghost Hunters TV Show


    EMF-822A EMF Detector

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