Thursday - March 30th    
3 p.m.   Check in at the Sisters House 3 p.m.
(click here for map and detail)
    Once you settle in you are welcome to tour the grounds or grab some dinner.
9 p.m.   Meet & Greet /Pajama Party from 9:00 p.m. till ????
Friday - March 31st    
All day   Check out the Monastery and grounds, visit the infamous Woodpecker Hill Cemetery. Stop by the Museum of Colorado Prisons. Ask Dennis or Rich for direction.
8 p.m.
until ???
  At this time we'll want to gather at the Sister's house and organize investigation teams, times and locations... No worries everyone will get to "Do It All" the entire campus has been very active in the past.
Saturday April 1st
11:00 till Noon
  Shaun Michael Crusha will be breaking out all of his latest paranormal "gadget and gizmos" (God knows he has a few) and will be demonstrating how to use them as well as answer questions might have about them. You won't want to miss this presentaion!
               ***Meeting location will be announced soon.***
Lunch Break
12:00 until 1:15
  Lunch will be served at the conference center right across from the Sisters House on Campus at 12:00 Noon. This lunch was included in the cost of your tickets, Please Tip your servers as tip were not....
1:15 until 5:00

for $$$ Cash
  For the first time ever we will present " Clueless Investigations"
You will be separated into random teams, then given clues that will guide you to locations all over the campus. Once you figure out the location you'll then have to find the next clue. Once you find the clue to the next location you will also find a Golden token. Take one of the tokens and then head to your next clue.

The game will end at 5 p.m. At that time the teams tokens will be counted, and who ever has the most tokens win.
 5:00 till 5:30   Winner's of the "Clueless Investigation" will be announced and a CASH PRIZE of $100.00 Dollars will go to the winning team.
Dinner Break   You are welcome to eat anywhere you like, however it seems to have become a tradition we all get together at Pizza Madness
great food and a fun place to get together.
8 p.m. until ???   Meet back at the Sister's house for another awesome night of investigations.
Sunday April 2nd    
    Time to say good bye for now, but stay tuned for more fun events coming up this summer and fall.

Check out is at 11:00 a.m.

  Please leave a TIP for the maids ... They will deserve it after we leave 
The Abbey of the Holy Cross Events Center

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